I’ve realized at some point that the internet is narrowing down its content. Some of the things out there aren’t suitable for advertisers anymore
I love images. Obviously. And I remembering being younger and getting a certain feeling of inspiration when looking at a really cool picture. The concept of a picture seems kinda dated at this point, until you see a really cool one and you get envious of the person who shot it or the people in the picture. At this point of writing I have almost 5000 images that I thought looked cool, and I’ve selected them myself going through thousands of images that weren’t any good.

My only position in this case is that I’m showing you pictures set to music. I figured out that if I put images next to each other and time it to high pass music, the images almost come alive. I still haven’t put my finger on it exactly but I loved the style, and I pushed it on my social media, and I got hired by the Jimmy Woo for one of these reasons.

An artist dm’ed me and said he loved the style and asked if I could do the images set to his music. So I did! Now it’s very common in Amsterdam to use random images flashing by, but I feel like I had some time of involvement in it!