When I started at 3WO it wasn’t long before I started working for a restaurant called Rotisserie. I loved the design of the online presence, and I felt like I could add some extra power to it.
#takeoutseason – a add I made to boost sales during Covid-19

On top of the obvious menu cards Rotisserie also had a lot of cool leads to expand on. The design of the Roti is kinda dark and neutral. The food is also of (vegan) meat. So my first though was; I like explosions, let’s add explosions and fire. Which would refer to the grill thats used obviously.

An ad I made to promote the ‘Burger of the Month’

With this one I thought it would be fun to add an old youtube effect with the ‘swinging’ sound effects when displaying ingredients / the name. People that were on Youtube in the early 2010’s probably remember Epic Meal Time that uses these sound effects too. I cut up the photos so that the ingredients would be displayed “behind” the actual burger.

For this project we wanted some new merch for the people that work for/love Roti. Didn’t think of selling the tshirts to customers, but kept an open mind during the process. Rotisserie wants to be a little edgy and rebellious. So we did an homage to a famous Skate brand but I felt like it fit well with Rotisserie’s style.

The Rico vs Badr fight ad