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This is when I was still in University, but this project was a pretty succesful

When I was still in University, we often would have projects where we would be a global designer of solutions of problems. In this case it was the city of Amsterdam approaching us with a problem; The increase of electric vehicles are going to be a problem because the city is so old, how can we motivate usage of electric vehicles without turning over the whole city?

In a nutshell: We designed an Airbnb-esque app for long distance electric travelers that can reserve private charging posts. We figured out a lot of people don’t use their private charging post most of the day due them going to work and being able to charge at work.

We thought it would be a good idea to ‘rent out’ your charging post for someone who was visiting their son in the city, but were getting scared of maybe not being able to charge their car in a very busy city.

Our idea was very much liked even by the council of Amsterdam. The electic companies weren’t so happy.