A big restaurant / bar company was looking for a designer. I was lucky enough to get in touch and to get a job there.

So the main reason I wanted to make this a separate page because there are some events that I made some cool posters for, but I don’t feel like they deserve a whole new page. The ones reading this also don’t wanna scroll through multiple pages of just 1 piece of content. So I’ll try to collect some of the cool stuff that I did.

Basquiat – Toko Dimas One year Anniversary

I’ve worked very close with Toko Dimas since he started working with Basquiat. I’ve designed his menu so I really wanted to do something completely different when his restaurant turned 1! Normally his style leans heavy on the “toko” side of things, but this time around I wanted to do for a more bad ass type of style.

I also wanted to edit some cooler style of videos. Using sound effects like a camera shooting, and while thats happening you’re also painting a vibe. I really enjoyed how this video turned out, also introducing some of the DJs that were performing that night.

This poster used for the poster campaigne.