Through mutual friends I came across a guy named ‘Creepa’. At least that was his artist name. I went up to him and told him I really liked his music, I gave him my information and a couple weeks later he asked me if I could make him something.

It was difficult to find something that fits him, but in the end it turned out very powerful.

Since Creepa is on soundcloud he asked if I could make a soundcloud banner for him with the art piece that I made for him. I zoomed in quite far to get a good luck at his ‘face’. I think the blackness creates this mystery, meanwhile it’s clear that he’s covering himself.

A couple of months later I started getting more into video editing. So I made this video with the character that I made to stand in a subway station.

Creepa 2017

After our successful collaboration, Creepa texted me again, asking for a logo this time. It took some time, but eventually he had a very clear idea. I started working on it and before I knew it we made the logo.